These photos show a typical kitchen remodel. Top left is partial demo showing the configuration of the old partition wall and header. Next, to the right, nearly complete removal. Bottom left, the opening has been re-framed with a new flush header. The flush header allows the ceiling to run continuously from one room to the next, creating the appearance of a larger space. Also, you can see the niche we let into the wall for the refrigerator to slide into. And, bottom right, the completed work created a visually larger space open to the dining area, a new breakfast bar, new task lighting.


Above is a before and after, on the left and right respectively. The partition wall and french doors were removed and a new header installed to create a larger space. New flooring was run continuously through the larger area, then columns and trim were added to unify the space.  

These photos are great: Before, dated and cramped.... After, ultra-modern and wide open!

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